All our jewelry is made from sterling silver highest quality 925 and natural materials, to prevent tarnish as much as possible, we suggest that you avoid contact with moisture and liquids; this includes water, lotion, sunscreen, and perfume to ensure to preserve its appearance and longevity. We also recommend that you store your silver jewellery in a safe, dry place while engaging in the following activities like showering, bathing, swimming in the pool, exercising at the gym, and preparing meals.

Please note that like all handmade products, the jewellery you purchased is delicate and fragile, so please handle with care.

Due to the nature of the materials we are using the final product you will receive may slightly differ from what you see in the photo. 

How to clean sterling silver:

We highly recommend to purchase a special polish cloth for silver jewellery care that removes dirt and dark spots in seconds. 

You also can take of your silver jewellery at home by using baking soda and water, just apply a small amount onto a cloth or toothbrush and scrub gently. 

Pearls and semi stones care 

Natural minerals are vulnerable to acid, alkaline, and extremes of humidity. To preserve your pearls' radiance, avoid letting them come into contact with cosmetics, hair spray, or perfume. Always put on your jewellery as a final touch, after applying make-up and styling hair

How to clean pearls: 

  • Wet a soft cloth with lukewarm water. Don’t use soap as pearls are too delicate.
  • Gently polish the surface with the wet cloth.
  • Let them dry on a clean towel.